Find and pay all your invoices in one place Simplify your life with Younify

What is Younify?

Younify is the service that automatically displays your invoices in your Younify account. Access, visualize and pay your invoices right there. To know your status, you can check out both your paid and unpaid invoices. Organise your financial status and your life will be much brighter.

mobile app
mobile app

All conditions for you to better organize and simplify your life are “younified” to bring you more time for yourself and make your life easier.

Extremely simple

  • Enter your Younify account
  • Visualize your invoices
  • Click to pay

Fully automated

  • We collect and store the invoices
  • We sort and prepare them for you
  • We display all the information in your Younify account

Entirely free

  • For life, for the first 1000 users
  • For first year of use, for all the users
  • 1 EUR / year, after the first year of use

Companies on Younify

Simplify the payment process of the invoices you receive from more than 30 suppliers available:

Our team is currently working to simplify even more the invoice payment process by aggregating all your digital documents directly in your Internet Banking account. Help us accelerate the process with the banks. Send them a message here.

Younify mobile app

Download Younify app

Younify mobile app

Find and pay all your invoices anytime and from anywhere with Younify mobile app.