1.About Younify

Younify makes your life easier. First of all Younify allows you to see all your invoices (gas, electricity and many more) directly in your Younify account and more over it allows you to pay them in one click!

YES! Younify will always be free for you if you are one of the 1000 Beta users. This is our way to thank you for trusting us. If you weren't lucky enough to register as a Beta user, you will still have Younify for free for the first year of use and after that we aill charge you 1 EUR / year. Please note that you might have to pay the payment fee, charged by the bank (if it applies).

Both private individuals and companies may sign up for Younify service. If you represent a company, the only difference is that we will use the company tax code (CIF) instead of your personal identification number (CNP). We will still require a contact name, but the rest of the operations will be the same.

You can access Younify online via our web application at the following address https://app.younify.ro/user/login/en or via our mobile app available in Play Store here.

Yes, we have launched Younify app and it is available on Play Store here. We plan to release the iOS version soon. Register to our newsletter to be the first one finding out information about Younify.

Younify will be offered soon by one of the Romanian banks. Meanwhile you can make sure your bank will put Younify service at your disposal by sending them a message here. We are in discussion with many banks and they should join the platform soon.

The list of the invoice emitters is available here. Meanwhile you can make sure your utility provider / invoice emitter will put the Younify service at your disposal by sending them a message here. We are in discussion with many partners and they should join the platform soon.

To receive the invoices from your suppliers in Younify, visit the Profile page and follow the steps described here for each supplier.

Yes. We will never-ever provide your personal data to anyone. This is our promise and we live by our reputation. The only companies that will know about your personal data are your invoice emitters and your bank. That’s it.

Yes. And we mean it. Your invoices go through a 256-bits encryption network. Our servers are secured in a state-of-the-art facility in Romania (no data goes through foreign countries).

Yes of course, but we will be sad to see you leave. You can stop receiving one or all invoices from your supplier online platform by deketing or changing the email address provided by Younify. Then you can close Younify account from the Profile page. Before doing so, make sure you saved all your invoices in a safe place.