3.My invoices in Younify

Generally speaking, when you receive invoices in Younify, you will stop receiving them on paper. This is the invoice emitter’s decision. Some will continue to send paper invoices as well for a short while. Others will stop the paper version as soon as you activate the invoice emitter in Younify. For more information please contact the invoice emitter. 

Yes, but not with Younify. To receive the paper invoice from a supplier you have to deactivate the electronic invoice from the supplier website.

All invoices (paid and unpaid) are available for unlimited period in your Younify account.

Younify is a link between the invoice emitter and you. We are not at all involved in the amount calculation process of the invoice or any other invoice data. If you feel the invoice is incorrect please contact the customer service of your invoice emitter.

Yes, of course you can. You can download or print your invoices any time you want.

Yes, of course you can. Our research shows that 50% of invoice payers are paying on behalf of someone else. We designed Younify so you can easily be able to pay for your home bills (even if you are a tenant), your parents’ bills and your loved ones. The only thing you have to do before is to make sure you have the authorization of the invoice owner.

You will be notified by email every time a new invoice is available for you. You will log into your Younify account and you will be able to see all the new invoices issued for you.

The invoice you receive in Younify will include data like: payment details, invoice emitter, amount, due date, as well as a PDF version of the invoice.

An electronic invoice issued in accordance with the relevant legal requirements is authentic in its electronic form, its printed version serves informational purposes only, thus the printed form is not suitable for presentation as an evidence.

A mandatory conservation period may exist for some documents. The fact that you receive the document on paper or in electronic format does not change that.