4.Paying invoices

It is always your decision whether to pay an invoice and, if so, when and how. You can pay an invoice that you have received in Younify by clicking on the payment button. You will be redirected to our partner platifacturi.com and fill in the debit / credit card information. Soon you will be able to pay your invoices directly from your Internet or Moblie Banking application, provided your bank has a partnership with Younify in this regard.

Given that payment is always made from your bank account, you can verify the settlement of your invoices using your bank account statement.

Yes, you can. The invoices can be paid from our web / mobile app using the debit / credit card via our partner platifacturi.com. Please note that our partner may apply fees for processing the payments.

No. You must approve each invoice payment. At some banks it is possible to set up standing approvals for your invoices. If you are interested in this, please ask your bank directly whether you are able to do this in your e-banking.